Let’s talk foundations. This is my most favorite makeup product in the whole wide world. I’m not sure when my obsession with foundations came about but I do know that I have a love them (almost too much). Today I’m giving you an inside look in to the 5 foundations you don’t want to live without basically because I can’t live without them. Hey, sharing is caring so let’s dive in.

Foundations for oily skin

Oily skin can be a hinderance if you try and fight it. Clients tend to use the wrong products when it comes to this type of skin because they want to get rid of the oil instead of embracing it. Go after products that are oil-free or are made for oily skin. They’ll clearly be labeled “for oily skin” or “zero oil”. This is where you want to be even with your skincare routine. When you use skincare products that are made for oily skin, they will eventually get the oil under control so that you’re not walking around looking glossy all day like I use too…ugh.

When dealing with oily skin, you want to be sure to stay away from using powder foundations directly on the skin. What happens is that the natural oils in the skin will eventually come up to the surface and mix with the powder causing it to oxidize. Once this happens the powder will begin to turn a darker color leaving the skin appearing greasy. To prevent this from happening go in with a liquid foundation first and then top it off with a powder to set it.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin Liquid

MAKE UP FOR EVER foundations have been a favorite of mine for many years so it’s not surprise that their foundations would be on my list. They recently released a new foundation that dries down to a matte finish offering full coverage. For many years I got to experience life with oily skin but as I’ve grown older and chug coffee more often, my skin has dried out a bit going more toward the direction of combination skin. I would have loved to use this foundation 5 or even 10 years ago in my prime oily years. Nonetheless, it’s here and I love it. I keep it in my makeup kit for clients that are extremely oily and need to wear their foundation for a long time. There is really no need to set this foundation with powder but sometimes I do go over it with a light dusting of powder just as a security blanket. This foundation retails for $38 USD.

MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 

MAC Cosmetics is the one of those brands that has truly impacted the beauty industry. The variety of foundations that they carry are geared towards just about any skin color, type and tone. They have such a wide selection of liquids, creams and powders that it’s almost impossible not to find one that wouldn’t fit your needs. For oily skin, I use to be obsessed with their Studio Fix foundations. While working for the company they only had this foundation in powder form then eventually grew into the liquid version years later. This long-wearing foundation offers medium to full coverage that dries matte. It’s easy to blend and helps minimize the appearance of pores which are sometimes larger with oilier skin types. Setting this foundation with MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish will put the icing on your foundation cake without making it cakey of course. This foundation retails for $30 USD.


Foundations for combination skin

Having combination skin (in my eyes) is the best! There are no real challenges when it comes to wearing makeup because combination skin doesn’t have too many elements working against it. It’s the “happy medium” skin type. Your skincare products will say “for combination skin” or “for combination/normal skin”. Sometimes you’ll run into products that will say “for normal-oily skin”. This could also be you if you tend to be more oily in your t-zone during the height of the day (around lunch time) after cleansing and moisturizing your skin in the morning. If this is the case, then “normal-oily” products will work great for you.

When applying makeup to combination skin, look for labels that say “combination or normal” skin and gravitate towards those products. I always use a moisturizer before apply foundations to the skin and I give the moisturizer about 5 minutes to set in to the skin before beginning the full makeup routine. Also, you may want to add a magnifying primer to your t-zone area to help control the oil. 

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

NARS is one of those brands that have been around for a very long time and is definitely here to stay. The level of luxury in the products is like no other in the industry. That’s why I love their All Day Luminous Weightless foundation. I typically use this foundation on my mature clients because it’s light and airy but offers the benefits of a full coverage foundation. Now this long wearing foundation is for all skin types and is oil free but I mostly use it on combination skin types. Pairing this foundation with one of my favorite concealers, Radiant Creamy Concealer, will create a full face of heavenly goodness that you’ll definitely want to show off to others. This foundation retails for $40 USD

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation

Because I’m in love with MUFE aka Make Up For Ever I had to give you the scoop on one of their other foundations. I liked them as a brand but fell in love with them after using the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundations. I literally purchased about 10 different shades for my makeup kit to use on my clients. The versatility of this foundation is like none I’ve ever worked with before. The creaminess of this full coverage foundation that you get when applying it is like butta. The thing I love most about the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick foundation is that it photographs really well so my brides don’t have to worry about looking cakey nor do they have to worry about it feeling heavy because it has a natural finish and is light in weight. This foundation can be used on all skin types but I find that when using it on oily skin it tends to move a bit. It retails for $43 USD.


Foundation for dry skin

Dry skin can be just as challenging as oily skin but on the opposite side of the spectrum. You definitely want to stay away from the word “matte” as this will increase the dryness on your skin and will not look cute. Your go-to words are “for dry skin” or “hydrating”. Your skincare routine will include products “for dry skin” and your moisturizer will be creamy and sometimes thick depending on how dry your skin is. I like to suggest clients to remove their makeup at night with cold pressed coconut oil before using your facial cleanser. This will not only remove your makeup faster than a speeding bullet but also offer an additional layer of moisture to your skin that partners with your cleanser.


Applying makeup to dry skin is no different from any other skin type. Gotta apply that moisturizer before applying the foundation. If you’re extremely dry, try applying a hydration spray like Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist or Fresh Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Face Mist to your skin first and then apply your moisturizer. Let all of that sit on your skin for 5 minutes before applying the rest of your makeup.

Hourglass Seamless Finish Foundation Stick 

Hourglass is one of those foundations I had no clue about until I stumbled upon it on YouTube. When they say “seamless” they really mean it. I wore this foundation several times and noticed that it blended over my whole face very well. Sometimes women can be 2-3 different shades on the face and neck area so this is a foundation that works with you and not against you. Hourglass Seamless Finish Foundation stick is also a long-wearing foundation but also offers waterproof agents which allows you to feel comfortable wearing it knowing that your foundation will last. I love using stick/cream foundations on clients with dry skin because it adds a bit more emollient/oil to the skin. Will I set this foundation even though the skin is dry? You bet your bottom dollar I will! However, I will use a translucent powder or MAC Cosmetics’ Mineralize Skin Finish because it’s a baked powder with less talc than a regular powder and is light in weight. This foundation retails for $46 USD.


Always remember to take care of your skin from the inside out. Drinking the appropriate amount of water and eating properly will not only benefit your body but your skin and nails as well. I hope you have enjoyed this time together and that you will come back and visit me in the near future. 

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