5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Bridesmaid

Getting married is one of THE biggest days in your life and you want all of your best gal pals right beside you. One thing brides-to-be don’t take in to consideration is that the more people in your wedding the more things can get a bit complicated. Makeup sure you’re prepared for the journey to ensure your lasting relationships continue after your “I do”. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing your bridesmaid.

1. How is your current friendship with the bridesmaid you’re  choosing?

Many times I’ve heard brides of mine talk about how they were really close to or even “besties” with girls in their bridal party before the wedding but then end up almost hating them afterwards. I get it, you want to have your college roomate, your cousin, and even your sister in your wedding. You either feel like it is because you were in their wedding or they will be disappointed if you don’t ask them. The truth is that the ultimate decision should rely on your current relationship when you choose your bridesmaid. Do the two of you talk frequently? Have you seen each other in the past 3-6 months and actually spent quality time together? What was her initial reaction to your engagement announcement? Was she happy or negative?

If I were you, I’d flat out ask your friend (or family member) would she like the job of being a bridesmaid (or maid/matron of honor) because sometimes they don’t want to. These are some things to think about when you choosing your bridesmaid.

2. How much can your bridesmaid afford?

All bridesmaids have a budget when it comes to being in a friends wedding. Don’t assume that they can afford all of the expenses you are requiring. I definitely know that being a bridesmaid is NOT cheap because I’ve been one a few times. And being a former bride, I had to take in to consideration that my friends had household expenses as well as pay for things to be in my wedding. What about the friend who is in your wedding as well as her son or daughter or even her husband? Now the financial commitment can seem greater and sometimes overwhelming. 

Let’s list out some things they would pay for:

  • Dress (plus alterations)
  • Shoes
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Accessories (if not provided by the bride)
  • Money to help with the bachelorette party
  • Money to help with the bridal shower
  • Their son and/or daughter to be in the wedding (in some cases)
  • Hotel expenses (in some cases)
  • Wedding gift (in some cases)

Of coarse pricing will vary per wedding but looking at the list above, it can be overwhelming for some and not others. Asking and not assuming always helps clear the air and ensures trust and consideration to both the bride and the bridesmaid.

3.  Does your bridesmaid  like having her  hair and makeup done?

I am a firm believer that makeup enhances natural beauty when applied properly and believe that it is necessary for weddings because of the pictures being taken…by just about everyone! Click here to see some of my before and after clients. If your bridesmaid is not a person who wears makeup, this can seem a bit overwhelming for her. You’ll find her going in the bathroom to wipe some of it off (yes I’ve seen it happen). You’ll find her consistently looking at herself in the mirror questioning her look (seen this one happen as well). You’ll also find her asking others “is it too much” or “does this seem like a lot of makeup on me” (yeah my favorite one).

When it comes to hairstyling, you want to allow yourself to be flexible. Consider your bridesmaids hair type, length and texture. Everyone may not be able to wear the same hairstyle because of these 3 things. Will she be willing to wear weave or extensions? Is her hair natural and visiting from a city that has little to no humidity?  Here in Houston, are humidity levels are ridiculous at times so natural hair clients have to take in to consideration that their hair can frizz. Who wants to look like a poodle in picutres?

Allowing yourself to be flexible with the hairstyles allows your bridesmaids to have a hairstyle that compliments their individual needs (hair type, length & texture) as well as the overall look of your wedding. Before choosing your bridesmaid ask your her what her comfort levels are. It may be different from yours so this is important to know. In the end you want your pictures to be beautiful and you want your bridesmaid to be happy so choose wisely.

4. Is there enough room for all of your bridesmaids?

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list to your allstar lineup, let’s start talking about your wedding day. The flow of the day can seem a bit overwhelming on paper but it usually runs smoothly (thanks to your wedding planner). We now have to get you all ready to strut your best Victoria’s Secret runway walk down the aisle. With that comes a team of people who are responsible for hair and makeup. 

Depending on how many people are in the total bridal beauty party (including mom) will determine how many artists will come to the rescue. Tables and plugs will be needed in order for the artists to have room to spread out their tools and products. Some artists bring their own lighting systems and chairs so you’ll need room for those items as well. Another thing to consider with your beauty service space is lighting. Most photographers prefer natural lighting around windows so you’ll want to make sure there is plenty of room for that.

5. Will there be enough time for all of you?

No really…how much time do you have on your wedding day for beauty services? Sometimes a wedding venue will only allow the bride and her party access to the bridal suite one to two hours before the wedding. This means you’ll need to book a hotel room or have everyone get ready at your home. 

Hair services (on average) take about 30 minutes. That time can change depending on the style intricacy, length and thickness of the hair. Makeup services (on average) take about 30 minutes. This time can also change depending on if airbrush makeup has been selected as well as lash services. I like to provide a timeline for my brides so that everyone knows how our time together will flow. Get your sample timeline here.

Larger bridal parties will require more time which means you and/or your friends (and moms) could be wearing your makeup and hairdo’s long before the wedding starts. You must consider this especially if your artist is not staying to do touch ups for all of you. I’ve seen bridal parties wearing hair and makeup 3 or 4 hours before the wedding even started because the couple decided to take pictures before the wedding. Think about this very carefully.

Now that you’ve considered all of these things it’s time to go back and really take these things into consideration. Chat with someone you trust to give you some great advice and will help you weigh out your options. This will not be an easy decision but will at least help you take a good look at your party and what is best for your big day.

Happy planning!