Back in December I was out shopping for Christmas gifts when I realized that I needed to get more facial cleanser. I was using Cetaphil but was noticing that makeup residue was left on my skin. Now I do have to admit that my makeup application can be a bit heavy at times. By the time I apply concealer, powder, eyeliner, mascara, etc {you know the deal}, it can be a bit much. You tell yourself you’re only going to put on “a little” makeup and end up walking out of the house with nothing short of your RuPaul “face” on! Yaaaassss.

Here’s the thing, what goes on must come off so I headed to Origins to express my concerns with my other cleanser. She immediately showed me the Clean Energy cleanser. She sold it to me more from the makeup remover aspect than just an everyday cleanser and I see why. I absolutely love that it has an oil-type consistency so I don’t get that drying feeling after I’ve cleansed my face. Now, I do have oily skin and this cleanser doesn’t make it worse so that’s a plus in my book. It contains Macadamia and Vitamin E which helps with moisture and irritants and is great for all skin types. Clean Energy does not lather like a typical cleanser (as shown in the pics below) so I cleanse my face with it immediately after removing my makeup with wipes then I follow with my everyday cleanser. I mean this is as good as it gets! When it comes to makeup removers I think this is THE one.
Price: $27 without the pump. I opted for the pump so that I wouldn’t waist any product and ended up paying $29 for the 6.7oz bottle.