How to save time and money
with HoneyBook

I found out about HoneyBook a few years ago when it was originally introduced to me at a wedding conference. Initially I took a peek at it but thought it was more for wedding planners so I left it alone. In 2016 I was introduced to another booking software that was more geared towards photographers but still interchangeable for other artists so I began using it but wasn’t totally happy with it and somehow ran back into HoneyBook. After I called customer service to see if it had the features that I was looking for I went ahead and gave it a whirl. Since they offer a 14 day free trial without the need for a credit card it made it easier for me to “try before I buy”. I have now been using HoneyBook for over almost 2 years and I am happy to say that it’s now a part of my business family and I can’t image life without it. Because I love it so much I wanted to pass of the information to you so that you too can save time and money with HoneyBook. So let’s take a peek into my HoneyBook account.

HoneyBook uses a “pipeline” system which I really love. Not only can I see all of my bookings in one place, I can also see which stage they are in with the booking process. The pipeline is customizeable which allows you to cater to your business needs. 

The pipeline is where you can add clients as well as see new ones that come in from your contact form which we’ll talk about in a minute. 

How things work in HoneyBook

Here you’ll see my public “Profile” page. This page is public because it allows me to connect with other creatives in the Rising Tide Society. Rising Tide Society is a community for creatives to learn ways to better themselves and their business while also having the option to work together. They offer classes, webinars, pdf’s and host events so that you can take your business to the next level. When connecting with other members via HoneyBook, you are notified when there is an opportunity (paid and trade) to work with other people in all parts of the world you may not otherwise have gotten too. It also allows you to use them as recommendations to your clients once they’ve booked with you.

The “Contact Form” allows you to customize it to your liking in order to get leads from your website or other sources. I have my contact form on my website. When clients fill it out, it then automatically puts them into my HoneyBook pipeline and sends me a notification instantly! You can either accept the job or if you’re booked you can click the button that says “I’m not interested” and HoneyBook will auto-populate amessage for you that can be edited before sending.

The Library is where you will store images that will be shown on other pages in which your client will see. I have about 20 pics that I use regularly with one being my logo.
Below you’ll see a screenshot of my “Brochure” and “Proposal” pages. Both are customizeable to your audience. The brochure page allows you to put a complete list of all of your services or menu items in one place with descriptions. You can then send this out to your clients when you receive their contact information.

The proposal page is where you start piecing the puzzle together. Based on your clients needs you can input your pre-created services or packages into this section. It allows the client to see a breakdown of each item you’ll be providing in which they asked for. Notice how you see images from my library at the top. This makes the page look professional. If you don’t like the picture that auto-populates, you can just click the arrow on the picture to replace it with another one from your library! 

How are you liking HoneyBook so far? I know you’re falling in love like I did. But wait there’s more!

Taking payments in HoneyBook

The “Payment” page totals up all items you’ve drafted in the proposal and includes tax (if applicable). You have the option to put a discount in if you’d like to but it’s not required. Then you can set up the dates when you’d like to schedule payments due. 

I usually make the first payment the “deposit” payment to reserve their event on my calendar. You can choose a date that’s due by clicking the drop down menu or letting it auto-populate. If there is a large amount due, you can opt to add payments to your clients schedule which will allow them to make payments over time. Clients LOVE this option and most of the time they can set it up to “auto-pay” that way they won’t forget to pay it. Another cool feature HoneyBook does is that it sends a payment reminder to the client automatically! That’s one less thing you have to worry about. And trust me, you’ll love hearing that “cha-ching” sound when you’re out and about or on vacation knowing that your clients are paying you even when you’re not working using the online payment option.

Right below the payment area is where you can add your contract for clients to sign. Once they sign you will get a notification that they’ve signed and that you need to go and countersign it so they will have a copy for their records. Can’t remember if you’ve signed a contract? No worries, go back to your pipeline and look for the “proposal signed” tab at the top and you’ll see the number of contracts you need to go and sign. This can be done digitally on your computer or with your finger via the HoneyBook app.

In the “Reports” section, you’ll be able to see your project numbers and totals. You can view them by the month or a time period or even a full year. It’s your choice. You can also see where your leads are coming from which is what I really love and like to check often. This will give you an idea of where to put your advertising dollars to work. 

Another cool feature (among many others) is the “signature” feature which is totally customizeable and allows you to link other pages (like Instagram and Facebook). This signature can be placed at the end of any message you send to clients with the tap of one little button.

And last but not least, you know that if HoneyBook didn’t have an app I wouldn’t have signed up! I am only in my office a few days a week so I need to be able to respond to clients while I’m away from my computer. The app allows you to do that. You can pretty much do everything from the app except make and send a proposal. But it’s still a great help and asset to my workflow.

So what are your thoughts? Do you want to save yourself time and money? Do you want to have all of your clients in one place instead of having to search through hundreds of emails? Then you need HoneyBook. I am telling you that it will change your life and your business. They offer support if you need it to set up your account and your pages. There are 3 memberships to choose from with the basic one being as low as $40/month. If you click here you can receive 50% off your first year on HoneyBook and try it for free for 14 days. No credit card needed! So what are you waiting for? Click here and save or click the link below.

I was not paid by HoneyBook to write this but am a part of their
affiliate program.