How to prepare your hair and skin for the big day

A blog collaboration with Aisle Runners Wedding Consulting Services

Once deemed a luxury service only accessible to celebrities and fashion show models, the increased popularity of on-location makeup artists (MUA) and hairstylists affords every bride the opportunity to hire her own “glam squad” for her big day.

As a Houston bride, your MUA options are truly limitless! While there is no real way to accurately count the exact number of wedding beauty professionals, a quick Google search of ‘Houston wedding makeup artists’ returns approximately 30 different companies in the Houston metropolitan area.

However, this list is by no means exhaustive. Offhand, I can think of at least 20 more professional businesses that are missing from this list. Additionally, this does not take into account for the legions of freelance artists who (1) primarily advertise through social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook only, but do not have businesses that are searchable via Google, (2) are hired by one or more established businesses and/or (3) work for and provide complimentary application services with the purchase of products from such makeup giants as MAC.