Primers Vs Concealers

It’s #MakeupMonday and today we’re talking about the difference between primers and concealers. 


Primers are used to prepare the skin for what is to come. Think of it as if you were priming a wall to apply a coat of paint. It’s kinda the same thing. If you have oily skin, you can use a primer alongside your oil control moisturizer to help prevent oiliness or shininess throughout the day. If you have visible pores, you can use a primer that will help fill them in so your foundation will appear smoother. If you want your eye shadow colors to pop and/or last longer then you would use a primer before apply the shadow. There are face prices, eye shadow primers as well as lip primers. You can use them all in conjunction with each other or separately. 

-To use: apply your moisturizer or serum. Let sit for 5 minutes (or as directed on packaging), then apply your primer of choice and let sit for a 3-5 minutes before applying your foundation (or as directed on packaging). 


Concealers are used to conceal, cover or hide skin discoloration or other small blemishes on the skin. Think of it as a magic wand that can instantly make unwanted things go away. I use concealers to cover dark circles under the eyes, enhance brow bones, cover dark spots and more. Concealer is such a versatile products but you have to be careful because if you overuse this product it can result in disaster. Because concealers are mostly oil/cream based, if not used properly, makeup can move throughout the day (crease) or even appear cake-like. Got oily skin? Opt for a water-based concealer. Concealers are not to be confused with a color corrector. 

-To use: apply your foundation of choice then apply concealer in needed areas. Blend and set with powder.

Ready, Set, Go!! Use the hashtag #NGBSubbie when you post pics of your looks so I can see how you’re using products we’ve talked about.