Summer and I met at church.  My mother introduced her to me because she had lived in the DMV area where I’d lived and thought we knew each other.  I remember how she had a sweet spirit and had a soft tone to her voice.  She seemed very laid back when I talked to her.  

When Summer reached out to me (years later), she had already had 2 makeup consultations and was very frustrated with the whole process of finding an artist.  Neither one of the artists met her needs which caused her to consider doing her own makeup.  My heart sank when I heard her say that so we arranged for her to come in for a consultation and before I could finish the consultation she was ready to book.  She kept saying how beautiful her makeup looked and how it was what she was looking for.  I had to keep telling her that I wasn’t finished with the session lol.  Needless to say, she booked her and her bridal party with myself and my team!  It was definitely an honor that we were able to be a blessing to her for her special day.

Wedding Party Hair & Makeup Artist: Nyoka Gregory Beauty
Dress designer: Gina Parchment
Wedding Venue: Ashton Garden North
Wedding Photographer: Teshorn Jackson