5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Beauty Professional

It’s “Wedding” season…or is it? As a Makeup Artist and Hairstylist I feel like every season is wedding season.  Couples don’t just get married in June anymore, they get married all year. I’m coming across more and more brides-to-be with horror stories when it comes to their wedding beauty consultations. I’ve heard how they’ve had several consultations and the hairstyle or makeup service was a total disaster. Or how they’ve hired their artist and he/she cancelled on them a week before their wedding. This saddens me. If you truly know what you want then it should be fairly easy to be matched with the perfect glam squad right? Here are 5 things to consider before you jump the beauty broom!

1. Referrals – Most of us beauty industry professionals get our business from people that love our work and want to share us with the world. Check out the vendors who have worked with your friends or family members in the past. Ask about their experiences and if they think the pro would help in your planning process. Who knows, they may be good fit for you as well.

2. Websites – When I lived in Maryland back in 2009 my first bride told me that she probably wouldn’t have booked with me if I didn’t have a website.  She wanted to see my work…my “professional” work before picking up the phone to call for a consultation. Make sure your beauty pro has a professional website. This way you can get an idea of what kind of work she/he does. If you like the work then simply reach out. If you don’t then move on to the next pro. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram  have become sort of the new website so check them out there as well.

3.  Budget – This is THE most important thing. Most of the time we as wedding beauty vendors get the short end of the stick when it comes to weddings because so much money has been spent on things like the venue, catering, your dress, etc. So when it comes to hair and makeup woman feel like it’s not as important as the other things and sometimes cut the budget. While those things are important, hair and makeup are just as important considering that you will be in 95% of the photos that will be taken that day. You want to make sure you look your best…like you hired a professional and not your niece who just graduated from cosmetology school 6 months ago. Prices are going to be based on experience, professionalism, product quality, travel and the level of “glam” you want. Don’t sell yourself short!

4.  Professionalism – I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve heard that other artists were late to a consultation, late to the wedding, or my favorite…won’t return their phone calls the week of the wedding. 
Sometimes I’m hired to do both hair and makeup for weddings but at times I’m only hired to do just one service. I have seen it when other beauty professionals are so late that the bride is in a panic (secretly looking at me out the corner of her eye in hopes that I can save the day if needed). If you feel like your beauty pro is not up to the standard you’d like them to be then don’t hire them. This is a chance you can’t afford to take. Stress levels can be high planning a wedding so elevate that stress by making sure you do your research on your beauty pro. Reviews are a great place to start.

5.  Know Your Wants and Needs – You’ve been planning your wedding since forever so when it comes to your hair and makeup look make sure you are able to translate that into words. There is no such look as “princess queen barbie”. And just to be clear the “Kim K” look is not a “natural” look. We MUA’s consider that a FULL face of makeup complete with lots of highlighting, contouring and lashes (borderline drag queen). She may be wearing “neutral” colors but her look is not always “natural”…there is a difference. Simply bring pictures of your ideas and have an open discussion with your pro. It gives the artist a chance to see your vision so it can be executed the way you want and need it to be done. Always ask questions and never assume. This will help you and your artist to be stress-free on your wedding day allowing you to have a glamorous experience.

Hope this helps! 

Ready, Set, Go!! Use the hashtag #NGBSubbie when you post pics of your makeup looks so I can see how you’re using products we talk about.