Woman Evolve Conference 2018
Denver, CO

Wow! Just…WOW! The Woman Evolve 2018 conference was totally life changing. Going in to it I remember not having any expectations. I just knew that I wanted to take some time to get some rest and to regroup so that I could finish the second half of 2018 with a refreshed mindset. 

My good friend Jaime and I planned to go to this two day conference together. It was the first year for this conference and I had never seen Sarah Jakes-Roberts preach in person so we were amped to go. Jaime has been a fan of Sarah’s for many years while I had only recently jumped on the bandwagon. I’d heard of her and had seen clips of her preach on YouTube and social media but never really took the time to get to know her through her books and such. Boy am I glad we went! 

Day 1 – Friday:

Because Jaime and I had already checked in at the registration tent on Thursday we went in to the auditorium and sat down. The conference started out with what I call “the hype squad”. They basically got us all pumped up and ready for what was to come. After that the praise and worship team led us in songs filled with the holy spirit. Let me just say that those sisters could saaang! Once we were done with praise and worship there was a video introduction via a text message on the screens from Sarah which was really cute because it was as if she was texting us directly. The conversation was basically about the conference and how she had prepared for it, talking about getting our nails and hair done for it, leaving our families at home in order to come to get a spiritual healing and to hear a word from God. 

Once Sarah came out, it was all uphill from there. She has us doing the ugly cry within the first hour of the conference. Her sermon “Wild Woman” talked about birthing a baby in the wilderness. Your baby could be a dream that God has placed on your heart that may not have come to pass but it’s on it’s way. God is holding it for you and protecting it from you in order to make sure that when you’re ready you can nurture it in the way He leads you to.

We shouted. We cried. We worshiped and then it was time to learn. So after the opening ceremony, we got ourselves together and broke out in to evolving sessions. These sessions varied from self help, to financial classes, mental health to fashion classes. The selections were great because they really gave each person the opportunity to learn from just about every aspect of life.

Friday after lunch we came back for more breakout sessions and then went back to our hotel to change for the pajama party. It was a panel discussion between Sarah and some friends of hers (including her sister Cora) where they answered questions she had pertaining to life and Christ. Immediately following that, we had the option to leave or go to a meditation and yoga session. Jaime and I went for the meditation session for a bit before leaving.

Day 2 – Saturday:

Instead of going to the opening service on day two we decided to drive to Red Rocks to sightsee a bit. Once we were done we headed back to the conference to catch the second day of break out sessions and then went to the closing service. There was a shopping area with clothes designed for Woman Evolve as well and books, cups, and more. I must say the store was very crowed which made for an uncomfortable shopping experience. I loved that there were food trucks available to choose from and vendor booths around the facility so I was able to meet and support a wonderful couple that I follow on Instagram. 

Overall the Woman Evolve conference was AH-MAY-ZING! I’m so glad I was able to attend it’s inaugural year and experience it with my good friend. We definitely had a wonderful time laughing, praying, talking, crying and praising. Can’t wait to go back next year. Walking away from this conference not only propelled me into the second half of 2018 (July-December), it pushed me closer to Christ. 

We  went sightseeing and eating in Denver

Denver, Colorado is an absolutely beautiful city with 360 degree views of the mountains all around. The weather was to die for especially since the weather here in Houston is usually hot or HOT. The fresh air and the breeze that covered my body was so amazing which made it hard to leave.

Jaime and I are both foodies so we loved trying different places to eat. Now she’s more of a “Dora the explorer” kind of gal than I am because she’s traveled more so we decided to rent a car and go to places like Divino Wine Co, Snooze and Red Rocks which was breathtaking (literally). By the time I got to the top of the mountains I thought I was going to pass out. Not because I don’t work out regularly but because the air is thinner up there. But once I got to the top, it was worth the climb. We also went to a comedy show and hung out at the mall.